Sunday, May 12, 2013

MBD Blogger #3 - Karen Neary

Karen is the MBD Blogger furtherest from where I have conducted this blog hop scheme. Karen hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA.

I too (like Linda) discovered Karen when I did an online search of Mirror Ball Dot and was immediately drawn to her design style. Circles and curves, spirals ending in finely executed points. Around and around we go...

Karen had me at her "Fruit Smoothy". The colors, the fact that she wasn't afraid of bias and sewing together convex and concave seams... I had found a kindred spirit (I have a menswear background and arm scythes and inseam curves, collars and necklines all intrigue and challenge me).

Karen has treated you (and me) to several projects all involving curves. 

I am in the mood to blabber on but I think I'll allow Karen her moment in the spotlight and just say, "Thanks for being a part of my little bit of madness called The MBD Blog Hop!"

And don't forget to comment to win 5 FQs of MBD and a Mirror Ball Dot color card!

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